Lane County Fair Book Signing

I’ll be signing copies of “Learning Life Again” as well as copies of the new horror anthology I’m in by Pill Hil Press, “Haunted,” tomorrow, August 18 from 4 to 8 p.m. and Friday, August 20 from 11-2:00 at the Lane County Fair. This year we’re in the Commercial Exhibits Building with the Lane Library League Author’s Booth. It’ll be air conditoned- come see us!

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Groundwaters Live!

Yesterday, I was pleased to MC the second quarterly Groundwaters Live! reading event at the Broadway event center in Veneta. As an editor of Groundwaters magazine, ( it was really neat to see our poets and authors read their published work. I was impressed with the quality of the work and the gravity of the presenters. Thanks go to ART Inc for their co-sponsorship of the event and to the Moose Lodge for their use of the building. We will be having the readings quarterly, so I’ll post when the next one is coming up. I was able to sell some books, too!

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Special Publications: Dash | “Potluck crowd-pleasers” | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon

I won first prize with my Wonderful Tomato Pie recipe in the Register-Guard! I feel like such a happy homemaker it’s disgusting.

via Special Publications: Dash | “Potluck crowd-pleasers” | The Register-Guard | Eugene, Oregon.

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Interview on BizMommy site 7-26-10

Here’s an hour long interview with me about my brain injury book, Learning Life Again. It’s conducted by host Tisha Berg, on her site I had a great time taping the interview. The host herself has experience with brain injury, as her mom was a brain injury survivor herself. Tisha had some insightful comments and I felt her opinions were excellent and well-formed. The interview will air live on, and can be accessed from on Monday, July 26, at 10:30 a.m. pacific time.

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“The River Shack” Published in Horror Anthology

I’m happy to anounce that my short ghost story, “The River Shack,” has been published in the anthology Haunted by Pill Hill Press. It’s available at Pill Hill’s Website, from me, bookstores,, and Barnes &  Very spooky anthology by a great horror press. I’ve been having a lot of fun writing for them, in a completely different genre to the general women’s fiction that I usually write. It’s good to exercise all of my creative streaks when I can, I think. Buy one today!

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“Ninety-four people will become brain injured today…”

Startling fact from this article, from New Zealand actually. This is just a short one from a NZ radio station, but it’s interesting to see what other countries have to say about brain injury. I would guess that there is a “brain injury awareness week” or -month almost anytime if I were to look around the world. That would be a great project for my spare? time. I’d like to compile that list. Ah, well; I need another lifetime for all the things I want to do, but perhaps if I keep up my year of noticing important brain injury news from around the world it will come together by itself.

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Army Responds to NPR-ProPublica Brain Injury Investigation

Part two to the NPR-ProPublica bust of the Military failing to diagnose and treat brain injury in soldiers. Here’s a sample:

A second computerized test used on the battlefield, known as the ANAM, or Automated Neuropsychological Assessment Metrics, failed to catch nearly half of all soldiers who had suffered a concussion, according to a recent unpublished study obtained by NPR and ProPublica. Lt. Gen. Eric Scoomaker, the Army’s top medical official, recently testified in Congress that results from the test are no better than a “coin flip.”

I’m so, so glad that people are beginning to be outraged. As General Peter Chiarelli said in his interview on NPR, said in this article:
“It’s time we realize that TBI and PTS are real injuries,” Chiarelli told Talk of the Nation host Neal Conan. “We’ve got to ensure our soldiers get the care that they need.”

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Military Still Failing to Diagnose Brain Injury

GREAT, comprehensive article from NPR about the Military and Brain Injury. This contains startling facts, many updated from the ones I have from the CDC, on how many soldiers are affected by TBI from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan:

Low End= 5750
High End= 60,000

And even those numbers are up for debate. It’s criminal, to me, that this is so prevalent and unnoticed by the military. I know that triage must be performed and that the hardworking members of the military do the best they can, but I feel for these soldiers. I’m not in the armed services, but we’re brothers and sisters of an entirely different kind of fraternal organization: the rolls of those impaired by TBI.

I am not a supporter of these wars, but I am most definitely a supporter of the soldiers.

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People That Suffer Brain Injuries Have Sleep Problems

I’m reproducing here, in entirety, an article by RTT news because I couldn’t link to it. Very interesting! Now I know why I can’t ever sleep. Article retrieved from

6/1/2010 (RTTNews) – People that have suffered brain injuries can have trouble sleeping later on in life, recent research shows.

Researchers in Australia studied 23 patients who had suffered brain injuries an average of 14 months earlier. They found that people with traumatic brain injuries could produce reduced amounts of melatonin, causing sleep problems.

Data showed that healthy people produce more melatonin than people with brain injuries during evening hours. It was also found that brain injury patients spend less time in bed actually sleeping.

“We’ve known that people often have problems with sleep after brain injury, but we haven’t known much about the exact causes of these problems,” said researcher Shantha Rajaratnam, of Monash University in Victoria, Australia. “These results suggest that the brain injury may disrupt the brain structures that regulate sleep, including production of melatonin.”

Can’t wait to see more research on this subject. Now, for a nice cup of chamomile tea…. to help me sleep.

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Chateau Lorane Signing

Signing table at the Chateau

 Had a fantastic, successful signing at Chateau Lorane’s Fine Art and Wine Festival Memorial Day Weekend, 2010. Many authors, wonderful wine, great books, and good food. We didn’t even let a little rain get us down! Many thanks to the owners of the Chateau for hosting us. Yum, the wine… Not normally a sweet wine person, but boy do I recommend the Chateau’s ice wines.

I was lucky to spend time with some talented writers, too. Some of them are pictured at left. We were filmed and will be seen on Lane County cable channel 29’s television show, “Museums of Lane County” as part of their local color preview.